How to do blogger outreach and get influencers to write about your products? (Step-by-step Guide)

If you’re looking at different digital marketing strategies to grow your online business, you’ve probably heard of blogger outreach. The idea behind a blogger outreach campaign is that a company, in seeking exposure for a product or service,  leverages influencers who have established a substantial following, asking them to write about it in exchange for free access to […]

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How to do SEO for Baidu?

As an SEO Specialist in China, a lot of my freelance projects consist of performing website search engine optimization for Baidu: the most popular search engine in China. In 2019, Baidu is estimated to detain 67.09% of the search engine market share in China, followed by Sogou (18.75%) and Shenma (6.84%). There are many differences […]

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