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What is Referral Spam and How to Recognize it in Google Analytics

A few weeks ago, one of my clients started seeing spike in referral traffic in Google Analytics. Of course he got excited, thinking that his website is getting popular, people are linking and visitors are coming. Unfortunately that wasn’t true. You don’t need to be a Google Analytics expert to see that all the traffic […]

What’s the Difference Between a Page View and a Unique Page View in Google Analytics

Some people who are not very experienced with Google Analytics may get confused between two similar metrics displayed in Site Statistics: a Page View and a Unique page view. The confusion is even bigger when you build custom reports with these metrics. I hope that this short post will clarify the definitions and the main […]

How to Setup Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics in 5 steps

Last week we discussed how to track the performance of specific marketing initiatives. In this week’s post we’ll see how exactly to setup custom campaign tracking in Google Analytics. In this post you’ll see how easy is to use Custom Campaigns and you’ll get some ideas about what type of campaigns you can track on […]

5 Examples of Event Tracking Codes in Classic Google Analytics

Last week I explained how Google Analytics Event tracking works and we had a close look at the Event tracking code structure (for ga.js). We saw that, the most common use for Event Tracking is to see how many times people click on a certain element on your site, such as a button or a […]

Which First-party Cookies are Set by Google Analytics?

As mentioned in my previous article the cookies that GA will sets and uses to track website usage data depend on the JavaScript library that the tracking pixel use. Google Analytics supports three types of JavaScript libraries: ga.js (used in Classic Google Analytics) analytics.js (used in Universal Google Analytics) urchin.js (the oldest version of GA […]

How Google Analytics Uses Cookies?

As a website owner you certainly use Google Analytics to learn more about user’s behavior on your website. Probably you are familiar with the different Google Analytics reports and you consult them on daily basis. But do you know how exactly Google Analytics collects data? You have probably heard that Google Analytics relies on cookies […]

How to Track External Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics?

Every business needs to measure its marketing campaigns. Being able to asses each and every marketing effort allows them to tie their marketing investment to sales and revenue. You probably also spend a lot of time and efforts trying to increase the traffic and get more customers to your website. Most likely, you’re doing banner […]

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