What is No 1 position on Google worth and how organic CTR changed over the past 10 years?

Every business that’s serious about search engine optimizations has one main goal: reach the top 3 organic search results on Google. Naturally one of the main KPIs in SEO projects is the organic position on your targeted keywords. For most of my clients, it’s obvious that their positions in the search engine result pages (SERPs) […]

The use of hyphens (dashes) in domain names: good or bad for SEO and users?

Choosing a good domain name is the first important step you take to build a website. Choosing an authoritative, SEO-friendly domain name is the first important step you take to optimize and build the online visibility of this website. Most people interested in the subject would know that it’s important to choose keyword-rich domains, with […]

5 Things to Consider Before Adding an Internal Search Engine to Your Website

Regardless of the fact that almost every pre-build website has internal search functionality, many website owners neglect the importance of the internal search. A lot of my clients, for example, don’t track internal search queries or don’t take time to redesign the search box or to test different designs. At the same time, if a […]

How to promote your APP on the Apple App Store: 6 ideas

Develop an iOS app is expensive, takes time and resources. That’s why it’s always very disappointing when your new iOS app doesn’t reach potential customers. If you are in this position, you are probably looking for marketing tactics to promote and increase the visibility of your iOS app. In this article, I’m speaking about 6 […]

Why Google Rankings Vary From One User to Another?

If you are an SEO and digital marketing consultant you must certainly know that Google’s search results can vary from one person to another, using the same search term. But probably not all of your clients are aware of that. Recently a client of mine saw his website on the first page of Google when actually his […]

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