Which are the Most Expensive Keywords on Google in 2015?

How high you think that the CPC of an Adwords keyword could be? Maybe $50 – $60? Better try with $500 – $600! At least that’s what a recent study reviled.

In August 2015, the folks at WebmageXF and SEMrush figured out which keywords have the highest cost-per-click in Google AdWords in 2015. Their finding is presented in the infographic below.

Their results show, for example, that 58% of the top 100 most expensive keywords are location-sensitive — like “Austin TX auto insurance” as opposed to just “auto insurance.”

They also found that a whopping 78% of the most expensive keywords relate to law firms and legal counsel, while only 1% relate to business services.
The most obvious reason in that lawyer services (for car accidents, injuries, lawsuits, and settlements) have all high-profit margins for attorneys, and one simple query for “accident attorney Riverside VA” could result in a lucrative case for the attorney who lands the contract.

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