Monthly SEO Packages

What is a Monthly SEO Package?​

Monthly SEO packages, also called monthly SEO plans or SEO maintenance, are ongoing SEO services for your website that are carried out each monthMonthly SEO should be seen as an integral part of your long-term SEO strategy and should be developed according to your website size, budget, and SEO goals.

Whether your goal is to improve or retain your website’s rankings, your SEO manager should develop a custom SEO monthly package to fit your needs and improve your SEO results.

Why Conduct Monthly SEO?

Many believe that SEO is a semi-automatic process, that is done once after the publication of a website. But that’s not true: it’s exactly the opposite! Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process that requires long-term planning and investment. Auditing and optimizing your website is only the first (but very important) step to gaining visibility. 

To maximize your chances and see a sustainable increase in organic rankings, it is necessary to engage in SEO activities on a regular basis.

My monthly SEO packages will help you to:

Improve your organic keywords rankings

Increase or retain your search engine rankings for targeted keywords

Increase your website authority

Improve your website authority and strengthen your backlink profile. Your website should be seen as an expert in its business domain.

Develop your SEO content strategy

Discover new content ideas and improve your SEO content strategy

Fix Website Issues

Discover underlying issues with your website and with particular web pages

What is included in my Monthly SEO Services?

Unlike other digital marketing companies, I create 100% personalized SEO packages, according to your needs, budget, and website context. Each and every package is developed according to your specific business, market, and competition. The exact tasks and time spent on your monthly SEO actions vary depending on the package that you’ve selected.

I usually offer monthly SEO services to websites that I’ve personally audited, but I’m also happy to work with new clients who already have an optimized website or an SEO strategy in place.

Moreover, I use several SEO tools to deliver complete, well-rounded, and comprehensive monthly SEO reports.

Technical SEO Health Analysis

My technical SEO health analysis will provide you with an overview of your errors and technical problems that could affect your website's visibility in search engines.

On-Page SEO

Each monthly SEO Package includes regular on-site optimization activities, such as meta tags optimization, page content review, heading tags optimization and others.

SEO Copywriting

In SEO content is King! My monthly SEO services include content development on your main topics and long-tail keywords. The SEO copywriting is done following a detailed content calendar and semantic keyword research.

Editorial Link Building

Search engines give a ranking boost to websites with many backlinks coming from quality websites. Therefore, building a strong backlink profile is extremely important in SEO.

LSL Keyword Research

LSI keywords are words and phrases that Google sees as semantically related to your target keywords. Adding them to your website or blog improves your chances of increasing SEO traffic and organic visibility.

Monthly SEO Report

I use the most effective tools for reporting the progress of my work. By reporting SEO activities and results I help my clients to see where they are standing at the moment and to learn to analyze and interpretate SEO data and KPIs.

Dedicated SEO Manager

You will work with a dedicated SEO manager with +10 years of practical SEO experience and a proven track record.

Email Support

You can always contact me directly by email, WeChat or Skype and ask any questions you may have regarding the SEO work that's done on your website.

Face-to-Face Meeting

A face-to-face (or online) meeting to discuss your monthly SEO report, roadmap and to lay out the priorities for the next month.

Your SEO Account Manager

SEO Consultant based in Shanghai

Velizara Tellalyan

All monthly SEO services are performed or overseen by me: Velizara Tellalyan. I have more than 10 years of practical SEO experience, both in-house and in a digital agency.

Monthly SEO Plans & Pricing


There is no one-size-fits-all SEO plan. Because each website is different, the exact tasks and services to be performed each month should depend on your particular business, competitors, and targeted audience.

Basic SEO Plan



Technical SEO Support
On-Page SEO Support
Link building

Standard SEO Plan



Technical SEO Support
On-Page SEO Support
Link building

Pro SEO Plan



Technical SEO Support
On-Page SEO Support
Link building

Monthly SEO Packages FAQ

The SEO Packages offered by most SEO agencies are usually two types: standard and custom.

A standard SEO package includes SEO activities that are generally needed by websites of all types (SEO content creation, linkbuilding, technical analysis, etc.).

A custom SEO package is tailor-made according to the needs of your website and your SEO goals. It may include some elements of a standard package, but it also provides additional services, or it can exclude services that you may not need, because you’re already doing them in-house.

While standard packages are easier to understand by the client and managed by the SEO vendor, they are too inflexible and tend to provide results slower. To better fit your needs and control your costs, I offer and recommend customized SEO packages constructed from standard modules.

There is no one-size-fits-all SEO plan. Because each website is different, the exact tasks and services to be performed each month should depend on your business, competitors and goals.

The services offered by your monthly SEO vendor should also take into account the competition of your targeted keywords. That’s why it is recommended to start doing monthly SEO activities, once you’ve done an in-depth SEO audit and keywords research. Based on that, your SEO consultant should be able to advise you on the monthly SEO tasks and activities that are best for you.

Ideally, you should start monthly SEO activities after performing an SEO audit and doing the technical optimization work recommended by the audit. This ensures that your website will be performing as expected and that it doesn't have any underlying issues that are blocking its search engine visibility.

It is also possible to work on SEO Audit recommendations during the first month of the monthly SEO package.

The monthly deliverables strictly depend on the scope of services included in your SEO package, but usually each monthly SEO service includes the following deliverables clients receive on a monthly basis: 

  • Monthly Website Traffic Summary
  • Monthly SEO Traffic Report
  • Keyword Rankings and History
  • Monthly Website Health Overview
  • Monthly SEO Roadmap updates
  • SEO Content Calendar
  • Backlink Report and Link Profile

Monthly SEO fees vary heavily from one plan to another. My monthly SEO fees differ based on: 

  • the cost of the SEO content that will be provided each month;
  • the cost of the SEO tools that I am using to track and do research on your project;
  • the cost of link building: editorial link-building is a long and time-consuming process that requires writing articles and editorials, researching appropriate blogs and websites to publish them, and even paying a small fee to place a link;
  • The cost of project management: coordinating all these activities (content creation, link-building, website optimizing, reporting etc.) requires time and dedication.

SEO is a long-term investment: it usually takes between 3 and 9 months to see tangible results of the SEO work. It may take even longer for a new website to rank. If your website already has authority and a lot of content, you can see positive results in 3 to 4 months of regular SEO work.

In any case, I would suggest committing to a minimum of 3 months of monthly SEO activities.

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