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Hi, I’m Velizara. I’m a highly experienced SEO Consultant and Digital Marketer based in Hong Kong. I work with clients in China, Europe and around the globe to help them increase their search engine visibility and get more traffic and sales

My SEO & PPC Services

With over 11 years of experience in SEO, PPC and digital marketing strategies, I provide personalized & strategical SEO advice, training and on-going consulting to companies in highly competitive industries. 

SEO Audits

Detailed analysis of your website's search visibility. Identify any underlying issues and technical problems on your website.

Keyword Research

Identify the most popular search queries used by your potential customers on Google in different languages.

Website Opmization

Technical and on-site search engine optimization to ensure that your website is fully optimized according to Google, Bing and Baidu standards.

SEO Content Strategy

Develop an SEO content strategy based on the topic cluster model to improve your website visibility on Google and Bing.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting for landing pages or blog articles done by professional copywriters in English, French and Chinese.

Manual Linkbuilding

Linkbuilding on niche relevant websites and blogs. Do-follow backlinks for high authority websites.

Baidu SEO

Website analysis for Baidu. Understand how your website performs on Baidu and develop your search marketing strategy for China.

Local SEO

Google My Business profile creation and optimization. Business reviews management and client asquisition.

CRO & A/B Testing

Analyze user journey, click behavior and run A/B testing to improve user experience and increase conversion rate on your website.

PPC Audits

Detailed analysis of the current performance of your pay-per-click campaigns (Google Ads & Bing Ads). What could be done to lower your costs and increase your sales?

Google Ads Account Management

Management of Google Ads accounts by a certified Google Ads expert. Cost per lead optimization and ROI analysis of your CPC campaigns.

Take your SEO & Google Ads strategy to new heights!

I will help you optimize your website’s organic and paid search visibility, traffic and conversions!

Why Choose Me As Your SEO Consultant?

I am a Hong Kong-based SEO Consultant & Google Ads Expert with a proven track record of achieving real, tangible results for online businesses.

11 years of experience
Proven track record and results
2 years as an SEO lecturer
Google Certified
Fluent in 3 languages
Master degree in Consulting
My skills are certified by:
Experience and Practice

With 11+ years of experience in digital asquisition strategies, my results speak for themselves

Transperant Fees
Clear Roadmap
Ongoing Advice & Support
Professional Training & Coaching
Advice and Support

I offer personalized advice and ongoing SEO & PPC support to clients in different industries

My Project Workflow

My SEO & PPC management workflows allows my clients to have a full overview of the project, full transparency on the SEO & PPC fees and ensures the strategy is tailored to their business needs and requirements.

My first goal is to understand your business and your client’s needs. We barinstrom and start working on the keywords lists.

Next, I audit your website or your PPC account and develop a website or account optimization plan.

I deliver a roadmap with clear priorities and actions that need to be performed on your website or your pay-per-click account.

For SEO: I perform technical and on-site optimization, develop and optimize website copy. 

For PPC: I optimize your account and targetting, apply bid adjustments, rewrite ads copy, etc.

For SEO: I perform monthly tasks to improve or retain your keyword rankings and organic traffic.

For PPC: I monitor your account spent, conversion rates and perform monthly adjustments.

I offer personalized advice and ongoing SEO & PPC support to adjust your strategies. I train your staff in writing optimized copy or managing pay-per-click campaigns in-house. 

My Results

Trusted By Well Known Brands

My clients range from big e-learning websites, through technology companies, travel agencies, to e-commerce and consulting companies.

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