About Me

With over 12 years of experience in SEO, PPC, social, and digital acquisition strategies, I provide personalized digital marketing advice, training, and consulting to companies that want to develop their visibility in China and abroad.

Why Choose Me?​

With 12 years of experience in digital marketing for Western and Asian audiences, I bring a unique strategic vision and a rare skill set. I am technically astute, passionate about my career, and trusted with multi-million-dollar decisions every year. I help companies to maximize leads and revenue, increase brand awareness, and optimize growth strategies across multiple channels (SEO, SEM/PPC, Social, Display, Content, etc.). My adaptability, proactivity, and eagerness to learn and better myself have fueled my career expansion from Europe, to Asia, and culminating with a successful consulting practice in Hong Kong.

12 Years of Experience​

With a track record spanning over 12 years, I have honed my skills in SEO, PPC, social, and lead acquisition strategies.​

Proven Track Record and Results​

I’ve helped clients increase their organic traffic with +230% and increase conversions with +90%! I bring results on Google and Baidu.​

Former Head of Digital Acquisition​

As a Head of Digital Acquisition for a French travel agency in Shanghai, I managed a team of 4 people and 2.5 million EUR in early ad spent.​

Affordable Rates​

Large SEO companies inflate their costs to make a profit on their experts. That makes this SEO/PPC consultant affordable without sacrificing quality.​

SEO Lecturer

I am a former lecturer in SEO & Digital Marketing at IFA Shanghai. Training is my passion.​

Google Certified

I am a Google Certified Professional. I hold multiple certifications in SEO and PPC from recognized organizations.​

Transparent Fees​

I guarantee full transparency on my fees.​

Fluent in 3 languages​

I am fluent in English, French, Bulgarian and I have working knowledge in Mandarin Chinese.​

Degree in Consulting​

I hold a Master's degree in Consulting in Management and Business Strategies.​

Let's Work Together!

I help companies in Europe, China, and APAC to optimize their digital acquisition strategies and to increase sales through SEO, PPC, and other marketing channels.

Certified by:
Advice and Support

I offer personalized advice and ongoing SEO & PPC support to clients in different industries

Clear Roadmap

My clients have a full overview of the project at any stage of the campaign.​

My Project Workflow

My SEO/PPC project workflow allows my clients to have a full overview of the project, full transparency on the SEO & PPC fees and ensures the strategy is tailored to their business needs and requirements.

My first goal is to understand your business and your client’s needs. We barinstrom and start working on the keywords lists.

Next, I audit your website or your PPC account and develop a website or account optimization plan.

I deliver a roadmap with clear priorities and actions that need to be performed on your website or your pay-per-click account.

For SEO: I perform technical and on-site optimization, develop and optimize website copy. 

For PPC: I optimize your account and targetting, apply bid adjustments, rewrite ads copy, etc.

For SEO: I perform monthly tasks to improve or retain your keyword rankings and organic traffic.

For PPC: I monitor your account spent, conversion rates and perform monthly adjustments.

I offer personalized advice and ongoing SEO & PPC support to adjust your strategies. I train your staff in writing optimized copy or managing pay-per-click campaigns in-house. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Effective reporting plays a crucial role in the success of your digital marketing campaign. I offer a comprehensive dashboard that provides clear insights into the performance of your marketing efforts across different channels.

To drive your business growth, it is essential to make informed decisions. My dashboard, along with my weekly reports and monthly meetings, guarantees that you have all the date you need to grow your business.

  • Conversions tracking,
  • Phone call tracking,
  • Website traffic,
  • Organic rankings,
  • Competitor tracking,
  • Social media analytics.

Data analysis is not limited to SEO professionals; as a website owner, it is important for you to understand it too. 

As your digital marketing partner, I will not only provide you with the necessary tools but also guide you through the process!

SEO Audit Indexability
Advice and Support

I offer personalized advice and ongoing SEO & PPC support to clients in different industries

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My Certifications

I am a Google Certified Professional and I hold multiple certifications in SEO and PPC from internationally recognized organizations.

My Clients

My clients range from big e-learning websites, through technology companies, travel agencies, to e-commerce and consulting companies.

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