About Me

Who am I and why work with me?

Why Work With Me?

My name is Velizara Tellalyan.

I am a Hong Kong based SEO Consultant and online marketer with +11 years of experience of providing digital marketing services for clients in different niches: from online education, e-shops and online gaming to car dealers, hotels, restaurants and more.

My job is to help your business (no matter how big it is) to gain better exposure on the Internet, to get more targeted traffic and to increase sales and market share!

By offering my clients a well-rounded and balanced approach to online marketing, I successfully helped them to:

If you are interested in hiring me for a specific project or ongoing consulting, contact me today!

Velizara Tellalyan

SEO Consultant & PPC expert based in Hong Kong

My SEO Work Process

My SEO work process allows my clients to have a full overview of the project, full transparency on the SEO fees and ensures the SEO strategy is flexible and tailored to their needs and requirements.

SEO Audit

Identify any underlying technical issues with your website. What other actions need to be taken to improve your organic search rankings?

Keyword Research & Content strategy

Identify the main keywords used on Google or Baidu to research products similar to yours. What are the best keywords to target on your website?

Website optimization

Perform technical optimization and On-Page SEO work: create SEO copy for your main pages or optimize existing copies, add new category pages, improve internal linking etc.

Monthly SEO Service

Perform monthly SEO tasks to improve or retain your keyword rankings and organic traffic: optimize existing website pages, produce SEO content, and build backlinks to your website.

My Certifications

I am a Google Certified Professional and I hold multiple certifications in SEO and PPC from internationally recognized organizations.

Take your SEO & Google Ads strategy to new heights!

I will help you optimize your website’s organic and paid search visibility, traffic and conversions!

Trusted By Well Known Brands

My clients range from big e-learning websites, through technology companies, travel agencies, to e-commerce and consulting companies.

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