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10 Blog Post Ideas for Your Business

If you’ve recently started your first business blog, you may soon discover that writing a corporate blog is not so easy as it may seem.
You should carefully pick the subjects of your articles and offer high-quality content, that interests your readers and is related to your business niche.
You need to think about how to attract more readers to your blog and get more results.
You’ll also have to publish fresh content regularly and maintain the frequency of new blog posts.
And, of course, you really have to be passionate about what you’re writing, otherwise, business blogging will quickly become overwhelming and boring.

That being said, it is not surprising that a lot of small business owners, get quickly discouraged with blogging, or prefer not to start with it at all. In my experience, the top 3 complains of website owners to quit blogging are:

  • “I don’t have time to write articles”
  • “I’m not a good writer”
  • “I don’t know what to write about”

While the first two objections could be easily overcome by hiring a professional writer and outsourcing content creation, the research and development of new ideas for blog articles depend entirely on your own creativity and desire. And when you need to produce content on a daily/weekly basis it’s difficult to always come up with great ideas for blog posts. Even the most experienced bloggers could quickly run out of inspiration.

Following is a list of 10 content ideas that you could use when you run out of inspiration for your business blog.

1. Tips and hints to help your buyers

Some companies include on their official blogs free tips and advice about how to buy more “wisely” their product or services. Some examples of blog subjects are: “How to find the most suitable product for your needs?”; “How to find the best deal”; “How to decide which product is best for you”. The main goal of such articles is to give users some useful, “insight” information that could help them to better organize their next purchase.
Tips and tricks can also be additional material for a weekly newsletter or you could even create a dedicated article series (entitled “Tip of the day” for example).

2. Industry news and events

Do not hesitate to present, share, or analyze some major events and news in your industry.
On one hand, websites that keep their audience well-informed about what’s happening in their business field as a whole could become a valuable resource of information to their subscribers.
On the other hand, well-targeted news can increase a website’s visibility and bring new leads.
This also could help to strengthen your company’s reputation and credibility.

3. Explain the impact of a recent event to your industry

Explain what a current event means for your industry, how it impacts your business or your customers. Your community will appreciate it when you’re transparent and honest with them.

4. Industry statistics and research

If you have time and desire to dig deeper into a specific subject you could conduct your own market research and present your analysis in a blog article. Exclusive analysis and researches are great sources for getting inbound links. They’re also a good material for e-books and infographics.

5. Comment on a recent industry research

You could also write an article in response to recent industry research.
Use your blog to present your own perspective on the subject or to analyze the results.

6. Product reviews

You could review your own products or write an article based on reviews and follow-ups given by your customers. Such self-serving articles, could give additional exposure to an existing product, maximize the promotion of a new product, or be used as a problem-solving tool.

The clue to a successful own product review is to find the right angle of the article: the one that will bring substantial value to your readers.
Do not self-promote your products.
Write from a position of an outside observer, without any affiliation and free of hype.
You could also mention some complementary products that your audience might consider using or even compare to relevant competitor products.

You can also write about a common problem that your customers encounter when using your product and give them information and details on how to solve it.

But again: do not blow your own horn too much. Otherwise, your article won’t seem credible.

7. Interview your clients

Give the word to your clients!
Present some of your most loyal clients or trace the profile of your “typical” customer.
What does he/she like in your products?
Why does he/she prefer your products to others?

 8. Invite industry experts to your blog

Invite experts from your field for an interview or a guest post.
By publishing the opinion of famous figures you may attract new visitors and you provide original content for your existing users.

9. Write about your company and your employees

Explain which are the different departments of your company and what they are doing.
Present one employee of each department and let him/her speak about his work and responsibilities. Big companies often make official videos, where they present their stuff and especially their customer service representatives – this could help your buyers to put a name and a face to your business.

10. Promote special offers and deals

You’re planning a special Christmas promotion or a Halloween contest?
Don’t forget to announce all kinds of special offers and contests on your blog. Give your blog subscribers first dibs on any promotions and coupon deals you are running or planning. You can write a short article explaining what the offer/deal is for and from when it starts, or just use the blog to clarify the rules of an upcoming contest.
You could include the article in a newsletter or even offer a reward (coupon) to any reader/subscriber who shares/tweets the article.
The best moment to write about contests, specials, and coupon deals is a week or two before they launch.

If you’re looking for more inspiring ideas for your blog content, check my next post Another 10 blog post ideas for your company blog!

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