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Another 10 Blog Post Ideas for your Company Blog

Last week I wrote about 10 ideas for blog articles to support your content marketing strategy.
In this post, I’m giving you another 10 ideas for blog posts that you could use when you run out of inspiration for your business blog.

1. Company news

There’s a lot of options when it comes to company news.
Modern businesses want to be transparent and want to establish a privileged relationship with their customers by sharing:

  • success stories, R&D projects, and accomplishments,
  • awards,
  • conference attendances,
  • new products that are programmed to launch,
  • changes in their official policy,
  • new hires,
  • insight information for company’s life (team buildings, staff birthdays, marriages and so on)

2. Things you love and that inspire you

Such posts are more convenient for social media, but again, everything’s up to your creativity and writing qualities. You can do a blog post dedicated to an image, video, book, or movie, related to your business and that can be interesting and valuable for your audience.

Think of anything that is relevant to your industry, and share your opinion on it.

3. Spotlight on a specific product or service

Introduce your main products and services to your readers.
When you write about your own products or services, you have the choice between different types of articles:

  • the “getting the most out of…” article – the goal of this article is to give specific information and technical details about your product AND to actually show the users how they can make good use of these product specifications.
    So instead of publishing a list of features, explain what do they mean, why they’re important and what’s their value for the final user.
  • the “tips and techniques” article – depending on your products and services your users may need guidance and further explication who to get the most out of using your product.
  • the “problem solving” article – as mentioned above, “problem-solving” article reveals how to solve one specific, common problem that buyers face when using your product.
  • the “category” article – presents your product in the context of a given category. Here’s the place where you can mention and compare to your competitors’ products, but without any self-serving purpose.

4. Jokes, quotes, and fun images

Even if it’s more convenient for social media, you could find an original way to share jokes, gags, memes, or videos that could amuse your readers. This will add a personal touch to your company blog but, again, make sure that the content is in keeping with your audience. Find the humorist content that relates to relating it to your specific audience or industry.

For example, if you’re in the video game business and your typical blog readers are gamers, you could write down funny jokes and cliches about video games, or tell a humorist story that “only a video gamer will understand”.

The idea is to show the fun side of your business

5. Answer frequently asked question in an article

You may have a FAQ page on your website, but is it exhaustive? Are you sure that it answers most of your visitor’s questions in a comprehensive manner?

Even if you answer “Yes” to these questions, it doesn’t hurt to write an additional post on your blog that lists and answers the questions your customers ask most often.

You could also start a dedicated blog column (“You ask – we answer”) where you regularly answer the most sensible questions of your customers. Be transparent and honest with your readers.

6. Ask your readers to write an article

Ask your readers to submit an article about their experience with your product or service.

One of the goals of your company blog should be to establish a dialogue with the readers.
And indeed, your reader can leave comments on your articles. But why don’t let him write an entire article?

7. Do a poll or survey of your audience and publish an article with your findings

Very popular and easy to conduct, blog polls can be found on almost every blog. But how often do you see articles based on poll results? Your poll’s findings could be great material for a blog article and could increase user engagement.

8. Share useful resources and websites

Create a summary blog post that lists and links to the most useful articles or resources on a particular topic (not just your own).

9. Do a weekly link summary of online articles with relevant news for your community

You probably keep abreast of everything that’s happening in your industry. Maybe your readers what to do the same. You can help them to stay informed with the latest news and developments by publishing links to the most prominent articles from the previous week in a blog post.

10. Share your position on an existing article

Another idea is to comment on an existing article you agree or disagree with. Give your opinion and explain what you specifically agree or disagree with. Support your argument with a few concise points.

Giving content ideas is easy, but bringing them into reality is a whole different thing. Even if you have a great idea for an article, its success will also depend on the copywriting skills of the web writer.

Another important element for the success of your content marketing strategy is to make sure that your articles have an optimal, search-engine-optimized blog post structure.
Check my next article, to learn how to structure your articles.

And if you’re looking for more inspiration and ideas for your blog content, check these 50 Content Marketing Ideas For Your Website Or Blog.

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