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What to Do When Your Google Ads Account Gets Suspended for “Suspicious Payment Activity”?

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  1. I have had my google ads account suspended for months now and literally has been driving me crazy. have tried to create new accounts but they all have been suspended and now I am lost and not sure what to do. Please help me out, I really would appreciate it!

  2. Hi, we are in the same situation as Matthew Krayowski noted.
    Our account has been suspended for over 1year! and we have lost any confidence in solving it.
    I have made changes and appealed at least 6 times now.
    The account has never been used, it was suspended from the start of the creation process.
    We are a small business just trying to advertise our Soy Wax Candles, but nothing we have tried with google has worked.
    I feel like giving up!

    Thanks for the great info in this article.

    1. Hi Darren,

      I’m sorry to hear that your Google Ads account got suspended. The fact that it got suspended from the very beginning makes me think that it might be linked to the account ownership.
      Have you advertised on another Google Ads using the same bank account/card?

      1. Hello Velizara,

        I am also in the same situation as Darren. I tried creating a Google Ads account, and then immediately after I started the account, they suspended it for ‘Suspicious Payment Activity’. I tried submitting an appeal to Google, but they have made it clear they have no interest in re-opening the account at all. I am very confused, as this is the first-ever Google Ads account I have ever made, and I have no bills due or no other accounts with Google Ads on them with the same payment method. This is my only Google Ads account.

        I believe Google Ads is very beneficial to my business, and I would like to use it to my full, and fair advantage. Will I be able to use Google Ads ever again?

  3. I had an ad running and it was billing my credit card. Then I stopped campaign because it was not generating leads. I set up a new campaign, but before I could even initiate it, my account was put on hold for suspicious billing activity. It shows I still owe them $21, but when I go to pay it, it says I do not have permission. I am the only user on the account and I am not using any outside agency. I did have an issue with credit card names not tying to my google ad account name and I fixed all that. Made at least 10 appeals and all fail! So frustrating. Any suggestions?

  4. I see that there are too many suspended accounts. At the end of 2 years, accounts are not suspended anymore, I found a complete solution.

  5. Hi, My client’s Google Ads account is suspended. By mistake my client added virtual card but now I removed that card and add new payment meny bank card. The address of new card does not match the address with Google ads payment profile. How can I change google ads address. Google ads payment profile address is Germany and bank card address is Netherlands. Thanks

  6. Pallavi gadepalli

    hello everyone I suddenly got a notification that my account is suspended and some fraudulent activity on payment method. I have made no payments to anyone. I have appealed 6 times and have gotten the same answer back. I even called support they quickly hung up.
    Looks like I am left with no option to advertise on google. I am simply a vocalist trying to sing songs. if anyone has any ideas what to fix happy to fix it. I looked at the checklist of 10 above with no luck. everything checks out.

  7. Google support is useless.

    Call them and they tell you to go online and contact them via email or chat.

    If you finally get to chat, they say they cant help. Another team has to be contacted and can only be contacted by the online form, yet the response is always the same. You are still suspended. I dont think Google honestly cares. I haven’t done anything wrong. If I did, show me the evidence and lets get it fixed instead of jerking me around.

  8. hello. my account got suspended too fir suspicious payment? even after appealed. they stlll would not unsuspend my acount. Please can someone hekp me

  9. My account is suspended of unpaid invoices, its in the initial stages like I setup this campaign 4 days ago and its “fine tuning” right now. There is $18.95 already in the account and by the time I got notification I put $30 more since the clicks right now are bogus and very cheap. Not sure what to do I have appealed though.

  10. Thank you for this nice article
    All my Google AdWord accounts have been suspended even though I have worked with Google for more than three years
    I made many petitions, but to no avail
    Google has no safety. We must increase the advertising platforms and not rely on Google alone because they are very bad in customer service

  11. Hello,
    My account was suspended due to suspicious payments. It is a manual payment system, so I still have unused balance. I cancelled the account and was told that I would get a refund. It’s been more than 12 weeks and there’s no refund yet. Does the suspension affect my refund? O closed it before I got the suspension notice though

  12. The google system is very bad , we have our account suspended for now reason and no way to get an answer from them, we are a very solid company and we are losing a lot of money. We don’t want to create a second account but follow the rules. We are thinking to SUE google for the damage what do you think ?

    1. Hi Robert,

      Do you have any news from Goggle regarding your case?
      I reader of this article recently reached out to me to say that his case was resolved (the account was restored) after 7-8 appeals. So don’t lose hope.

  13. Archana Kanthwal

    I am handling my customer’s Google ad account and mistakenly, I put the wrong email address in the billing method and Google suspends the account and won’t be able to edit t email address now so is there any chance that they will remove the suspension from the account after an appeal?

    1. Hi Archana,
      Yes, I believe that there shouldn’t be an issue restoring the account if you explain clearly in the apple form what has happened, and you provide the client numbers of all the clients you are managing.
      Do you have any news from them?

  14. I found your article very helpful.
    My account was suspended upon setup for “suspicious payment” and I appealed 4 times through the automated prompts, each time receiving a “account is still suspended” response which was very frustrating. It wasn’t until I noticed in my google ads account when I went to click the “contact us” button on the suspension that a note appeared stating the status of my latest appeal and that I should REPLY DIRECTLY to that email. I replied to the latest email and lo and behold, I got a response back that was more human-like from an individual named “Samuel”. Samuel asked me to provide some further information, such as my bank statement, credit card statement, and other relevant information, so that his team could verify my billing info. After this review, Samuel let me know that my account had been reinstated.
    I am hopeful that this means I can start using my google ads account for my business. So in short, reply to the form email that you receive. There may be an intelligent being that reviews these replies and can advocate for you along the process of getting your account reinstated.

    1. Hi!

      Thank you for the useful feedback! I will do some research and will add your advice to the article if you don’t mind. But according to my experience and research, the problem post people are facing is that they are not asked to provide further information, as you were. The additional information that Google’s team may request is, as you pointed out, related to your billing information, so I hope your account gets reinstated very soon!

      Good luck!

  15. Hi there,
    I would like to find out more about what you mean to “trick the system” by creating a new ad account. Since the website URL is the same Google should still be able to trace that it’s from the same business, right? Are there other tips to note when creating a new ad account after the first one has been suspended?

    1. Hi Denise,

      Yes, in theory, opening a new Google Ads account using the same website URL, payment information or payment profile should not work. As you pointed out, Google will easily make the connection and automatically suspend the new account as well.
      However, while I was doing the research for this article (online, forums, Reddit, etc.), I read several testimonials from advertised who somehow managed to open a new account and keep it going (at least for some time). Again, this is not my personal experience, none this of my client.
      Best Regards,

  16. My account got suspended due to payment suspicious. I checked out that I added the wrong cardholder name in the payment method, so I thought this would be the reason, but after appealing to the form I got the same mail that your account is still in violation. I don’t know what is the exact reason behind it. I have checked everything nothing is wrong. Pls, help me with what should I do. I am not even able to contact Google support as they just tell me to fill out the appeal form.

    1. Hi Ankit,
      I’m sorry to hear that. I think you should do at least a few more online appeals, and in the appeal form, you should clearly state that you’ve initially made a mistake in the cardholder’s name. Best of luck.

  17. My account got suspended cause of suspicion payment,I have use virtual mastercard [Pyypl],I had add my fund in afternoon and got suspend in night,So why did they took my Money if the want to suspended me,I was totally surprise cuase this is the first time I have use google adword.Its feel like totally scame can I get my money or my account back

  18. hi
    google ads is a very bad advertising platform that don’t have any supporting system. they claim that are the biggest advertising company. but i think they are the biggest advertising company for waste people time.

  19. I called google because my account had a payment that I couldn’t reconcile with my google ads reports. It wasn’t a big deal, I was just hoping they would point me to the correct report since I was new to advertising with this account. My account was relatively new, and I knew my CC was not compromised. Instead of helping me, they flat out CANCELLED my account and told me to cancel my CC and take it up with my bank. This is for a new account with all new banking details etc. I couldn’t believe it, so I tried to start a new google ads account. When my research told me I shouldn’t do that, I cancelled that account before completing the process.

    They said, I’d never be able to advertise again, but after some groveling, I got my ads up and running again with a different credit card. Every time I make a change to my account, guess what? Suspended! It’s happened again, and again, and again. Finally, I reached out to my bank and got a card exclusively for google ads. I appealed my suspension and got my ads up and running again, and guess what? I got multiple suspensions at once. I went through and filed an appeal, but now I keep getting messages telling me my appeals are duplicates. I have quadrupled checked the hell out of this, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out if I typed something wrong, or if this is all connected to my initial outreach to them.

    I was hoping that at some point my case would be escalated to a real person and someone that could help me, but no. Once you’re suspended, it’s a black hole and no one cares about your account because they assume you’re fraudulent. The thing is, I see so many real people like me going through this very real life changing issue. I will literally lose my business if I can’t figure this out. that sucks.

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thanks a lot for your detailed comment and that you took the time to share your experiences with everyone reading this article!
      Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to get in touch with “a real person” from Google regarding these types of issues. In my opinion, and as you pointed out yourself, accounts that have been suspended in the past are more likely to get suspended again, either because of the same credit card problem or because the account is somehow “flagged” as fraudulent.

      My personal experience with suspended Google Ads accounts has only shown me the importance to diversify the customer acquisition channels on clients’ websites and to also invest in digital strategies that help to decrease a website’s dependence on Google.

      Good luck to you!

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