Language Learning Platform Outranks Competitors and Grows Organic Traffic by 150%

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The Client

Industry: Online Language Learning
Target Market: Global
Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish

The client is a prominent online language learning platform, serving millions of users worldwide. The website comprises over 3 million pages and attracts more than 5 million visits per month. Despite already being one of the top five platforms in the industry, they sought to further solidify their market position and reverse a troubling trend in organic traffic.


The Business Challenge

In 2020, the client faced several significant challenges despite their vast website and substantial user base. In January 2020, they reached out to me to assist them with the faced challenges:

The SEO Strategy

To tackle the significant drop in organic traffic, I implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy that combined immediate technical fixes with a long-term content plan, beginning with a thorough SEO audit.

1. SEO Audit

Conducting an SEO audit for a website of this magnitude presented unique challenges, such as the size of the website, crawl limits, and the extensive use of JavaScript frameworks like React. The audit identified critical issues, including:

  • Numerous 404 errors
  • Canonical tag issues
  • Hreflang tag errors
  • Duplicated meta tags
  • Thin content
  • Multilingual SEO problems

In total, the audit resulted in 98 recommendations and action items, forming a robust technical SEO roadmap essential for improving website performance and indexing.

2. Technical SEO Roadmap

The roadmap was implemented by an ad-hoc team of developers formed by the client. This phase was crucial for resolving the technical issues uncovered in the audit and establishing a solid foundation for ongoing SEO efforts.

3. Keyword Research in Five Languages

Extensive keyword research was conducted in English, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish. This research was vital for optimizing existing content and creating new landing pages, focusing on high-value keywords to drive targeted traffic.

4. On-Site SEO and New Landing Pages Creation

The team updated existing landing pages with keyword-rich content and optimized meta tags. Additionally, 12 new landing pages were created to target the newly identified keywords. Recommendations for UX and CRO improvements were also provided to enhance user experience and conversion rates.

5. Link Building

A targeted link-building campaign secured over 50 high-quality backlinks from reputable sites within the language learning field. This effort aimed to bolster the authority of both existing and new landing pages.

6. Blog Creation

Previously used only for internal news, the blog was transformed into a powerful SEO tool. A fresh, engaging design was introduced, and a strategic content plan was developed to attract and convert readers.

7. SEO Content Strategy in Five Languages

A long-term content strategy was built around the topic cluster model, organizing keywords and topics into cohesive clusters. This approach ensures that all content is interlinked, providing comprehensive coverage of key topics and improving search engine rankings.

8. SEO Copywriting in English

To kickstart the blog, over 60 high-quality blog posts were delivered in English. The client’s team continued this effort, focusing on creating and optimizing new content over the next 12 months.

The Results

The implementation of the SEO strategy yielded impressive results:

Full Organic Traffic Recovery

Within three months, by December 2019, the client saw a complete recovery of its organic traffic, aligning with the completion of the technical SEO roadmap.

Significant Increase in Organic Traffic

The implementation of the SEO strategy yielded impressive results:

Sustainable Growth

The long-term SEO content strategy facilitated ongoing growth in organic traffic, ensuring the website continued to attract and engage users.


This case highlights the importance of a comprehensive and strategic approach to SEO, particularly following a website migration.

Through meticulous auditing, addressing technical SEO issues, and implementing a robust content strategy based on topic clusters, we were able to not only recover lost traffic but also achieve significant growth. This case study underscores the value of a well-executed SEO strategy in driving long-term success and online visibility.

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