Which First-party Cookies are Set by Google Analytics?

As mentioned in my previous article the cookies that GA will set and uses to track website usage data depend on the JavaScript library that the tracking pixel use. Google Analytics supports three types of JavaScript libraries: ga.js (used in Classic Google Analytics) analytics.js (used in Universal Google Analytics) urchin.js (the oldest version of GA […]

Google brings Keyword “(Not Provided)” to AdWords

Probably one of the most commented news last week was Google’s decision to implement a secure search for clicks on paid search ads. A lot of people thought that as a result, Adwords users won’t have access to the actual words that people entered in the search engine before clicking on the paid ad. This […]

How Google Analytics Uses Cookies?

As a website owner, you certainly use Google Analytics to learn more about the user’s behavior on your website. Probably you are familiar with the different Google Analytics reports and you consult them on a daily basis. But do you know how exactly Google Analytics collects data? You have probably heard that Google Analytics relies […]

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