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The Client

Industry: Online Travel Agency
Target Location: France, Belgium, Swisszaland
Language: French

The client is a leading French online travel agency specializing in customizable travel experiences across more than 80 destinations worldwide. Despite their extensive offerings and expertise, they faced challenges in leveraging organic search to its full potential.

The Business Challenge

In 2018, the client struggled with several key issues that hindered their growth and online visibility:

The Solution

To address these challenges, we developed and implemented a robust SEO topic cluster strategy. This approach is designed to enhance a website’s content structure, making it more crawler-friendly and favored by search engines.

What is a Topic Cluster SEO Strategy?

A topic cluster SEO strategy involves organizing a website’s content into a structured system that improves search engine visibility. The core of this strategy consists of a few comprehensive pillar pages that cover broad topics. These pillar pages serve as main content hubs, linked to multiple cluster pages that explore specific aspects of the broad topic in more detail.

Strategy Implementation

The topic cluster strategy was developed following this framework :

  1. Identify the Core Topics for Pillar Pages:  We started by identifying 10 best-selling travel destinations, focusing on three core topics for each: the country, organizing a trip, and preparing for a trip. These formed the pillar pages.
  2. Identify Subtopics for Cluster Pages: We conducted a keyword research on each core topic. We selected the top 30 keyword groups with the highest search volume and used them as subtopics for cluster pages. Each subtopic was logically related to one of the three pillar pages.
  3. Create Pillar and Cluster Pages: We developed comprehensive content for each pillar page, providing a broad overview with paragraphs addressing each subtopic. We wrote more detailed content for each cluster page, using identified keywords in the content, meta descriptions, page titles, and alt tags.
  4. Internal Linking Strategy: We linked each cluster page back to its respective pillar page and interlinked cluster pages, helping search engines understand the content hierarchy and semantic connections.

The Results

Our strategic SEO efforts delivered impressive results, significantly boosting the client’s organic traffic and enhancing their online presence.
Increase in Organic Traffic

The implementation of the topic cluster strategy led to a substantial increase in organic traffic:

Gain in Brand Awareness

The SEO strategy significantly boosted the client’s brand awareness:

Increase in Organic Keywords and Domain Rating

The strategy also improved the client’s domain authority and adherence to Google's E-E-A-T guidelines:


The topic cluster SEO strategy proved to be a highly effective solution for the client, yielding long-term positive results. 
By creating structured, in-depth content and improving internal linking, the client saw substantial gains in organic traffic, conversions, and brand awareness. This strategy not only boosted their online visibility but also established them as a credible authority in the travel industry, reinforcing their reputation and supporting sustainable growth.

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